Presenting the world's most exclusive yoga mat

The Chakracarma Yoga Mat combines the natural power of precious gemstones and handcrafted leather to create the ultimate fitness accessory.

Designed for the most discerning practitioner, Chakracarma elevates any fitness session to a luxurious experience that helps raise the power of your energy field.


Raise the power of your energy field

Precious gemstones, including diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald, carry specific vibrations that can clear, charge and give your chakras a powerful boost.

The use of skins for yoga and meditation go back to earliest times of ancient India. It was believed to create an insulation between the yogi and the magnetic pull of the Earth, allowing deeper states of connection to their Self and the Universe.

Only ethically sourced gemstones, along with the finest, vegetable tanned leather, is fit for a Chakracarma mat. These nature's best of the best connects you to your ancient power, while allowing for perfect grip and support. All without sacrificing style. And just like a premium vintage car it only looks better with time. Which is why every Chakracarma mat comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Each handcrafted Chakracarma leather yoga mat is made from the finest vegetable tanned leather, adorned with the following gemstones:

Diamond 0.70 Ct.Ruby 3.5 Ct.Emerald 1 Ct.Sapphire 2.5 Ct.Amber 3 Ct.Opal 2 Ct.Carnelian 3 Ct.

Inquire within for one-of-a-kind custom creations that include choice of carats, engravings and dedications.

*Lifetime guarantee included


It has long been known that gemstones have healing properties. Every gemstone carries a specific vibration that can clear, charge, and raise the power of your energy field, and give your chakras a boost.

The First Chakra


Helps you feel grounded, safe and physically well with a strong immune system.

The Second Chakra


Governs your passion and creativity and strengthens your love for yourself.

The Third Chakra


Regulates your intuition, your gut feeling and how you see yourself in the world.

The Fourth Chakra


The center of love and compassion for others as well as for ourselves.

The Fifth Chakra


Governs communication, including speaking truths and expressing your vision.

The Sixth Chakra


This center controls spiritual awareness and intuition.

The Seventh Chakra


Your mystical center and the place where you connect with the Universe.


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